Frequently asked questions.

Question: My watch is not working correctly, can you tell me how much it will cost to fix?

Answer: I need to see the watch. The answer is governed by a number of factors; brand, condition and age amongst them. "Ball park" figures over the phone or via email tend to be little better than guessing, and the watch will have to be reassessed again once it's presented to the watchmaker anyway.

Question: Is my watch worth fixing?

Answer: I regularly service watches for more than the original purchase price. These precious heirlooms don't necessarily hold any significant dollar value, but are known for their enduring reliability or have belonged to a now passed loved one. I always advise a customer of the quality of the watch, and let them decide if they wish to proceed.

Question: I have a "copy" watch, do you fix those?

Answer: No. Lack of quality and spare parts aside, high end brands like Rolex, Omega and Tag spends millions every year to protect their trademarks.

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